Startup Explorer

Startup Explorer 5.0

Startup Explorer allows you to control Windows startup applications (See all)

If you are concerned with your privacy and computer's performance, then you can download and install Startup Explorer.
This utility doesn't only show the applications that launch on start up from the system's start up folder, but it extends its ability to reveal uncommon and hidden start up entries in the system's registry plus the scheduled tasks. Detailed information about these entries will be available for you, such as file name, path, size, time, publisher, startup type, data, location, and more.

The application also enables you to control the system's services and distinguish their status, description, type, and more, and you will have the ability to disable, start, and stop any services that you select.

One advanced feature is the ability to manage the loaded system drives. This is helpful in disabling buggy drivers that cause system's instability or these new smart viruses that install themselves as drivers.

Other good features are present to control the system init files, print monitors, known and shared DLL files, and more.

If you are an advanced user, you will be able to manage all DLLs that are loaded with your browser, which can be malware, adware, trojans,etc.

In brief, this wonderful free system utility could be very useful for every user.

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